Blackened Fish Salad!

Okay! I have wanted to blog about this for a while!!

So my addiction to this recipe began about a year and a half ago. My boyfriend(ex) worked at the mall and there they have a food court. That’s just fine. And we’d grab a snack if I visited for lunch. There is a little restaurant named “Gordon Biersch.” They make a mahi mahi salad that is to die! I have remade it a lot!! And tonight I made it with cod cause it was on sale at Safeway. ;-P

Here is a pic of their recipe I copy.


IF you can’t read that it says: mixed greens topped with blackened mahi mahi, pico de gallo, pepper jack cheese, green onions, and tortilla chips. Serviced with cilantro-lime or ranch dressing.

Funny thing about this salad is I don’t even bother with the dressing because it’s so fresh and the pico de gallo and the seasonings from the blackened fish adds it’s own flavor. Also I pass on the tortilla strips and just cause I am focused on working out I don’t add the cheese. It’s still heavenly. Trust me!

Now to make the fish “blackened” it’s really simple.

You can always google but I’ll save you some time.

It depends on the amount of fish you are making. Also you can do this with chicken.

For 2 pieces I used 2 tsp for everything. Haha! I know I should be more skilled and this and that but hey it all burns off in the pan. So I make it more generous. But the seasonings are cumin, black pepper, onion powder, garlic powder, dried oregano leaves, paprika, dried parsley leave sand I do use only 1 tsp for the salt. Trying to be good here.

So now this is all I needed…


and then how it looks! Sorry I’m not a pro at taking pics of food…


The best part is this can be great for gluten-free or people that do eat it. It’s a nice medium!



Again I have done TRX! Oh it’s brutal! But it’s so well worth it! I am hooked!

I love that it’s mainly working on carrying your own body weight! I can’t just start lifting 100’s of pounds out of nowhere. That will need to be worked toward. 

I get these classes for free through my great friend Kristeena! We make it a team effort to do this and after want to fall down! Haha! But the benefits outweigh any short breaths and looking dumb cause I need a longer break than the others. Haha! 

I feel so great after! I think any one should give it a try! It’s definitely always on my schedule!! 🙂

GF Pizzaaaa!!

Photo0212Better 4 U!

Okay look at that!!

I was at Whole Foods and debating what to do for dinner! For a tiny gluten-free pizza it can be $9. But I saw this and it’s new so I got this for around $11.99.

Wow! Best gluten-free pizza to date! It can be hard for crust to be fluffy or high. This was not flat, it reminded me of a deep dish! So amazing! I could only eat two slices. And normally I can eat a whole pizza!

So if your looking to eat something good and that doesn’t even taste like it’s gluten-free, try this!!



Yes that’s what I did! A work out with my friend Kristeena at the gym. They offer classes and we tried this one. It’s special TRX ropes to use during the work out. You are always using your body weight while pulling on these ropes.

I was ready to fall down after 10 minutes!! But man it was cool but very intense! 

Before that, while we waited, we used the cycles to bike for about 30 minutes. I am hoping the lower half of me is learning to stay tight!

It was a great work out day! Always good to try different exercises!

Hope to have many more!


My friend Kristeena posted our dinner! I should have too! We kind of put it together with what we had. Shrimp sauteed in garlic and olive oil, lemon, basil, red bell pepper, all wrapped in a corn tortilla. So yummy!! Simple, easy, clean and gluten free friendly.!

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My fab friend Julia invited me over for dinner last Thursday. To my amazement, I wolfed down shrimp tacos! It was so delicious and clean! Julia inspires me with her cooking. I look forward to have more meals with her.

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A Little’s Enough

I know I’m not doing a strenuous work out but a walk is still something.

I’m helping my mom get in shape and it’s starting to become blistering hot here; getting a tan while walking for 30 minutes isn’t so bad.

Tonto didn’t mind the walk either. This is Tonto… Image

Anyways you have to start somewhere. We got rid of cable and started getting off our butt and moving. A walk is a good start to build up if you have bigger goals. But get that blood pumping properly and enjoy the outside. 🙂

Jump Start!

Well things have gone a little haywire and I’m going to put them back in place.

First things first, I’m Julia and I’m currently going to work my butt off. Seriously.

I like my body but staying in a healthy shape, that is comfortable and sexy, is important.

On top of that, food can be a hard task for me. Got a gluten-free/none red meat-eater here. (Not by choice!) Plus I love food. All types. So eating is difficult but can be done, and the best part, it forces me too eat better and clean.

It’s made me a cook…odd for me. So I’ll share my favorite foods, work outs, and whatever else bloggers do.

Blogging should be interesting…see ya!